Extinction – New Gameplay Trailer Released

Extinction – New Gameplay Trailer Released

A brand new gameplay trailer has been released for an awesome action, adventure game: Extinction. In the game, you fight not only small ogres but also giant ogres that can smash you like a fly. You play as Avil the last Sentinel.

The ogres in this game are known as Ravenii and they are a threat to humanity. Avil has special powers as a Sentinel but just that isn’t enough. He has to use his environment to get around and use his wits to get the giant Ravenii down. All because the giants can only be stopped by severing their giant heads. Decapitating a giant Ravenii already seems hard but the Ravenii aren’t about to go down easy. Some of them are fully equipped with Armor and/or have spikes, thorns, bone, iron and dark steel layered on top of that. This means that Avil has to make them break their Armor first before he can run up and use his finishing move: a powerful “rune strike”.This is a valuable skill only a Sentinel can have.

Extinction will be available early 2018 on PS4, Xbox One (and family) and PC.

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