Extinction – New story trailer released!

Extinction – New story trailer released!

Iron Galaxy and Modus Games have released Extinction’s story trailer today.

Legends told of an elite group called the Sentinels, the only humans capable of defeating the evil giants called the Ravenii. These legends faded to myth and were only mentioned in children’s fairy tales. But now, the Ravenii have returned to wipe out humanity once again. One by one, all Human kingdoms have fallen by the might of the Ravenii. Now only one is left standing, Dolorum.

In Extinction, you play as Avii, the last of the ancient order of Sentinels. He has to use everything he knows to defeat the oncoming storm of Ravenii and rescue as many people as possible. By learning their secrets and making the Ravenii’s technology their own, humanity still has a chance. But if they fail now, all will be slaughtered.

Extinction will release on April 10th 2018 For PS 4, Xbox One and PC.

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