Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime gets their first update

Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime gets their first update

Today a milestone has been met for PRISMATIKA and Spritus Games as they are announcing the first major update for their Early Access techno-fantasy roguelike game: Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime. This free update overhauls the game’s meta-progression and adds highly customizable difficulty options. What makes the experience for Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime so special is that the game twists traditional roguelike mechanics by introducing Flow Modifiers and Spiritus Rank. This gives the player the ability to fine-tune the difficulty to their liking, as newcomers can opt for a more chill experience while seasoned roguelike veterans can make their quest a living hell.

The Flow Modifiers allow the players to change some base aspects of the game, like increasing or decreasing enemy or collision damage, energy slots, max hitpoints and more. This in terms will affect the player’s Spiritus Rank and the bigger the challenge the player faces the better drop rate they get for the four meta-currencies. These four currencies can be used to unlock key Flow Modifiers in these four tokens:

  • Token of Exploration: gained when revealing starmap nodes
  • Token of Valor: gained after victorious battles and doing good deeds in events
  • Token of Glory: gained after defeating realm bosses
  • Token of the Void: gained after completing the game

Another rework is the starmap, this new map will increase the comfort for players on their spacefaring journey and this paints a clearer picture of what dangers lie ahead. Those who want some quick action can also find instant outcome nodes which can result in a reward or punishment without any events tied to them.

Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime can be purchased through Steam, Epic Games Store, Humble Store and GOG.

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