Fallen Ones – A comic book by Lycan Studios

Fallen Ones – A comic book by Lycan Studios

Instead of releasing a new game, Unseen Domains comes with something different. Fallen Ones is a dark fantasy comic series. It contains 5 episodes under one single over in a printed version. This printed version contains the story of the original story on 90+ beautifully drawn, colored pages by which the story is told.

The primary goal on Indiegogo has been reached so all orders are guaranteed. Secondary goals have also been reached, therefore, 40 extra pages including the Cursed Past comic have also been added to the printed version making It a total of 130+ beautifully drawn, colorized pages.

Stretch goals are set to further enhance the comic by adding character sheets and a hardcover edition.

You can contribute to this comic on the site of Indiegogo by clicking on the following link:


Here you can donate an amount of your desire. By contributing $5 you have the rights to the digital version of the book. By contributing $25, you will have the rights to the printed edition with the additional 40 pages, the digital version in PDF and a wallpaper. If the stretch goals are reached, this will be improved to a hardcover edition and will include extra character sheets.

Important notice: this book includes 18+ content like blood, violence, nudity, sexual behavior and bad language.

If this has taken your interest, click on the link now and make your donation to guarantee your copy!

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