Family Fireside Fables unveiled

Family Fireside Fables unveiled

Ahead of the big ‘Family Trials’ update that will be coming to the RPG Children of Morta, 11 bit studios and Dead Mage have now announced the Family Fireside Fables; a series of six tales read to you by the game’s popular narrator Ed Kelly. These tales are sure to amuse fans of the game as they will offer about forty minutes of warm and fuzzy storytime. These tales can be listened to on either Youtube or Steam.

Announced earlier this month, Family Trials, the free combat-oriented game mode is all about chopping your way through dungeons while completing objectives and building your ultimate character to eliminate all the monsters and bosses that stand in your way. This game mode offers three difficulty levels which affects the number of randomly generated levels in each run. In this game mode, your efforts will be rewarded with upgradeable Divine Relics and Graces, item drops and a brand-new Talent System.

Those who missed the announcement of the Family Trials Mode can check out its teaser trailer below this post.

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