Family Guy: Back to the multiverse – Review
Follow Genre: Third person shooter
Developer: Heavy Iron Studios
Publisher: Activision Blizzard
Platform: PS3, 360

Family Guy: Back to the multiverse – Review

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Activision Blizzard and Heavy Iron Studios bring us Family Guy: Back to the multiverse. The inspiration for this game came from the Family Guy episode Road to the multiverse and the story is a sequel to the episode. The game is released on PS3 and Xbox 360. What to expect from this game? Let’s find out below.



The story is based on the Family Guy: Road to the multiverse episode. In this episode Stewie shows Brian he has a device that allows him to travel between dimension. But after visiting a few dimensions Brian finds a dimension he likes to stay in and because of this he and Stewie get into a fight which lead to the destruction of the traveling device. Now Stewie and Brian have to find a way to repair the device in order to get home again.

In Back to the multiverse Stewie and Brian have to travel through different dimensions again to stop Stewies evil twin brother Bertram’s plans. If you follow the Family Guy series, you’d remember that Bertram died, but this is a Bertram from another dimension who wants to raise an army to take revenge.



The graphics look like a 3D version of the television series, except for the fact that the 3D can sometimes look very bizar. But sadly it looks more like Wii graphics then the beautiful graphics that are possible on PS3 and Xbox 360.  All in all we are treated to a very recognizable Family Guy world.


The game provides us with the original cast, so all characters have their recognizable voices. The dialogues are the typical Family Guy jokes, which are at times very funny and witty, so be prepared for a laugh. As to what the music concerns, you get the distinctive tunes of the television series, which makes the experience so much more fun for the hardcore fans of the show.



You will star as Brian and Stewie and you’ll have to fight your way across 10 dimension in this third person shooter. Each have their own weapons, so you’ll be switching between the two characters during the game as each weapons has their own use. The goal of every level is to find a way to stop Bertram’s evil scheme to raise his own army.
The story can also be played co-op, but only locally so you can’t play together over the internet which was a little disappointing as you can’t always invite your friends to come and play at your house.

During a level you will find money, sometimes a lot sometimes a little less. Collect the money to buy new weapons, items and upgrades in the store. You can buy the upgrades at every visit of the store, but you have to complete a level to unlock a new weapon.
The store also contains new costumes for Stewie and Brian, new characters and costumes for the multiplayer, which you can unlock by completing the secondary objectives of the levels. To complete these objectives you’ll have to pay a little more attention as you will not complete them if you just focus on completing the main objectives.

The game also offers us a local multiplayer with for different modes and each mode can be played with 2 to 4 players. Also the same comment as story mode has, too bad you can’t play these modes online.
Deathmatch where as you already know you have to kill your opponents as much as you can.
Capture the greased up deaf guy, which is basically capture the flag but you have to smack the greased up deaf guy, this can be really annoying sometimes, to get the flag and then take it back to your camp.
Multiverse madness, here you play against a lot of bots and you have to rank up the most kills to win the round.
Infiltration, in this mode you have to complete objectives while killing your opponents to rack up points. The one who gets first to the predefined amount of points wins the round.

So we’ve covered the story and the multiplayer, now we still have to look at the challenge mode. Also this mode can be played in co-op but yet again not online.
There are 7 challenges to be completed. The first three you can select, but the other four have to be unlocked by earning stars by completing challenges. The difficulty determines the amount of stars you achieve by completing the challenge. I’ll just be explaining the first three so I won’t spoil the others you have yet to unlock.
Money shots – Gather, you have to take pictures of partying girls while avoiding the angry mob and all this with a time limit.
Amish amuck – Elimination, kill your enemies while trying to avoid shooting tourists.
The crips and ables – Rescue, rescue an amount of people before the timer runs out, while avoiding the angry handicapped people.


In comparison to the previous Family Guy games, this one is not one but even two steps higher. It is fun to play, got the same humor as the show and it’s Family Guy what more do you want?  Yes you guessed it, it would be more fun if you could play together with your friends over the internet. But it is a very enjoyable game, a must have for the Family Guy fans out there. For the other a great way to get to know Family Guy

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