Fan of pixelart? Go support awesome point-and-click Born Punk on Kickstarter!

Fan of pixelart? Go support awesome point-and-click Born Punk on Kickstarter!

It’s not easy to stand out between the Kickstarter crowd of games that would like to be funded. One glance at the early gameplay footage of Born Punk though, and you just KNOW there is something special about this. It looks like a game that’s created with love, respecting the classics as well as the newer demanding age of games. In Born Punk, a point-and-click game, you seem to follow Eevi Rinasdottir, a former corporate combat hacker who gets infected with a mysterious rogue AI that starts taking over her brain. If that doesn’t convince you yet, or the fact that it has music by Wildstar and World of Warcraft composer, Jeff Kurtenacker, here’s what other things the developers can tell you about the game.

  • Logical Puzzles: We try to keep all puzzles strictly logical, so that no ‘LET’S TRY ALL THE THINGS RANDOMLY!’ scenario ever arises.
  • Choices and Consequences: many puzzles in the game will be solvable via different means, changing the story.
  • Extensive Lore: the player will collect lore by interacting with the game world. Lore can be used for puzzles or dialogs to produce different outcomes.
  • Futuristic Technology: the main character is able to hack into electronic devices and use her artificial titanium claws to attack or defend herself.
  • Fancy characters: Eevi will meet lots of weird and wacky characters, befitting the dystopian scenario.

Go check out the gameplay for yourself below! And go to the kickstarter page by clicking here.

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