Fanny K. #1 Moordgriet – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Crime
Written by: Toni Coppers
Illustrations: Jean-Marc Krings
Coloring: Jean-Marc Krings
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Fanny K. #1 Moordgriet – Comic Book Review

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The albums of ‘De Kiekeboes’ have been covered quite a bit on the site, and most of the time we love the antics of the family, which shares the same name as the series. While everybody loves the entire family, many young boys have fallen in love with Fanny, the daughter of the family, who just happens to be a very attractive and sensual young lady. With the spin-offs being created by the Standaard Uitgeverij, such as Amoras and J.Rom, or the revamping of De Rode Ridder, we aren’t completely surprised that other series would receive a similar treatment. Nonetheless, we were stoked when we heard that Fanny would receive her own series, which tackles a more adult detective-like format.

Fanny K. #1 Moordgriet

This first issue starts off with a murder scene, where a young beautiful woman is ‘put to sleep’ because she seemingly knows too much about the practices of a certain mafia group. You will not get any details on who all of these people are, until we go a few hours back in time, to see the pretty redhead Naomi make an appearance at Fanny’s engagement party. Naomi was dropped off by a cab, with her husband tagging along, but it was clear they had a huge fight, as he is a lawyer that is currently occupying himself with very shady figures. While we already know what happens to Naomi, it’s the why and who that become rather interesting.

On the other side of the fence, Fanny isn’t having such a great time either, when her drunk fiancé beats her when she said he should stay home because he drank too much. It comes as no surprise that he causes a car accident, where one of his friends dies, and the other is heavily wounded. Even in this situation he still treats Fanny like trash, but she is rather hesitant to ‘let him go’, as it’s clear she still loves him.

The flow of the story takes a bit of time getting used to, as it’s all ‘lady business’ after we get teased with a murder scene. From here on out, the setting is properly being set by Toni Coppers, who first takes some extra time to paint how Fanny’s life is going, mostly her love life that is. Nonetheless, after Naomi shows up, things go downhill for Fanny and this is where the actual murder story starts to take shape.

Illustrations wise Fanny K. feels a bit like the original ‘De Kiekeboes’, that received the Dupuis treatment, as many Dupuis releases have a very specific, comical, yet realistic style that is simply extremely appealing. Jean-Marc Krings does a great job in bringing the adult version of Fanny K. to life, perhaps sometimes a bit too goody-goody, as this series could be a bit more ‘adult’ than it currently is. Of course, the Standaard Uitgeverij has to keep track of the fans of the original series, to get them to come along as well.


Fanny K. #1 Moordgriet is yet another great new series by the Standaard Uitgeverij, which builds further on a classic Belgian series. Of course, this new series that revolves around Fanny is more for adults, as it involves violence, mystery and even murder, which is certainly not something we’re used of the beautiful voluptuous blonde. If you’re looking for something that combines aspects from a well-known character and a detective story, this series is surely one to keep track off.

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Rating: 6.8/10 (5 votes cast)
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Fanny K. #1 Moordgriet - Comic Book Review, 6.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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