Fanny K. #2 Morpheus – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Crime
Written by: Toni Coppers
Illustrations: Jean-Marc Krings
Coloring: Alexandre Amouriq, Mirabelle
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Fanny K. #2 Morpheus – Comic Book Review

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Back in April we were introduced to yet another spinoff series by De Standaard Uitgeverij, which proved to be interesting, but did not deliver the same bang as Amoras, J.Rom or even the newly released Red Rider series. Nonetheless, it was fun to see Fanny from ‘De Kiekeboes’ all grown up, leading her own life, and finding herself in the midst of a very adult adventure which started off with the murder of her best friend, Naomi Sanders, a top model whose husband is involved in some shady business, which led to her untimely demise. Nonetheless, it seemed that Naomi tried to warn Fanny, who is rather skeptical about the entire situation. In this issue Fanny travels abroad to attend the wake and funeral of her best friend, but it seems that those who murdered her friend are already after her too.

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Well, it’s quite hard not to spoil too much of this issue, as it’s simply about Fanny travelling abroad to attend the wake and funeral of her best friend. At the airport she is picked up by the chauffeur of Paul, Naomi’s husband, but also Morpheus, who works for a Romanian crimelord by the name of Chodov. The latter is involved with the murder of Naomi, as she learned about the shady business of her husband, and for that reason alone she had to be disposed of. First of all however, they wish to know what Fanny knows of the situations, if Naomi left some evidence behind, and ultimately if they have to get rid of her too. Little do they know that Naomi actually left some clues for Fanny, thus the criminals are right to wait how it all plays out.

Now the murder and  the plot are all laid out, things get more exciting than in the first issue, which all seemed to revolve around ‘women stuff’. Toni Coppers does a great job laying out the possibilities for a third issue, in which Fanny will have to prove her wits to get out of a possible life-threatening situation.

As far as illustrations go for this series, they are still somewhat loosely tied to the original series, meaning things are fairly lighthearted, characters still look likeable, even comical and things never feel too serious, even though the story is rather grim at the moment. Things remain colorful from start to finish, and it will make it easier for fans of the original series to connect with this one.


Fanny K. #2 Morpheus is a rather interesting follow-up to the beginning of the series, where things are being thoroughly explained, the situation being laid out properly and things start taking off, adventure-wise for Fanny. Overall things are exciting from the get-go, with the criminal mastermind being introduced and the clues that Fanny is trying to follow to uncover what happened to her friend. If you love the original series, and love for  things to get a bit more ‘adult’, then Fanny K. might be an interesting extension of ‘De Kiekeboes’ for you.

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Rating: 8.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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Fanny K. #2 Morpheus – Comic Book Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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