Far Cry 4 Complete Edition available on June 18th

Far Cry 4 Complete Edition available on June 18th

Far Cry 4 Complete Edition will be available on the 18th of June for PlayStation 4 and PC. This Complete Edition contains, next to the complete game, the Season Pass with five DLC-packages. This unique retail bundle gives the player access to all missions, environments and weapons Far Cry 4 has to offer.

The Season Pass contains:

  • The Syringe DLC: Players must find a powerful but rare recipe before the troops of Pagan Min can use it against the rebels.
  • Escape from Durgesh Prison DLC: Players must face a series of different challenges while being unarmed.
  • The Hurk Deluxe Pack contains five missions and an arsenal of five new weapons like the ‘Impaler’, Hurks harpoon riffle.
  • In the Overrun DLC, players have to choose the side of either Rakshasa or the Golden Path to get the upper hand in certain conflict zones in the countryside of Kyrat.
  • Valley of the Yetis DLC: After a plane crash in the Himalayas, players must explore the new, snow-covered landscape. Very soon players discover secrets about a mysterious sect who is established in that area.
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