Farmer’s Dynasty – New gameplay trailer released!

Farmer’s Dynasty –  New gameplay trailer released!

Have you ever wanted to experience a farmer’s life? Well, soon you can!

Farmer’s Dynasty allows players to experience what life in the big outdoors is all about. You will start as a simple farmer with more basic tools. Farmer’s Dynasty isn’t only about taking care of crops, no in this simulation game you will have to take on everything that comes with a farm. So you’ll have to build, repair and of course also harvest. When you start to upgrade your farm, you’ll be able to do even better as a farmer, maybe you’ll even end up the best farmer in town!

In Farmer’s Dynasty, you are not alone in the world as a farmer, there are actually people living in your village. You’ll be able to make friends and enjoy fun village activities. You might even find the love of your life and be able to start a family. Farmer’s Dynasty isn’t just farming, it is also socializing and management. The game is also based on real-life so you’ll be able to learn how to use machines, and how or when crops grow best.

Farmer’s Dynasty will release the 7th of November 2019 for Xbox One, PS4 and on a later date also for the Switch.

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