Farworld Pioneers will be crashlanding soon on PlayStation

Farworld Pioneers will be crashlanding soon on PlayStation

Good news today for those waiting on a tremendous new open-world sci-fi sandbox as Igloosoft in partnership with tinyBuild has just announced the release date for their upcoming game Farworld Pioneers.

After surviving a crash landing on a foreign planet it is your first task to establish a space station from scratch. Armed with only your pickaxe and some parts from the crash your first priority is to secure a perimeter and grow your own little farm. Once supplies are steady you can finally go explore the dangerous open world filled with alien creatures. Whilst you are out and about you will unlock new blueprints for spaceships to build so you can go back home. Not only aliens are an obstacle, enemy raiders will try and steal the many rich resources that the planet holds. Survive this adventure alone or with up to 32 players and try to work closely together to explore the galaxy or fight each other in different factions with different weapons. Take on the fight in a retro side-scrolling action gameplay that has an elaborate physics system. Not only will this affect the movement of the characters but also bullet trajectory and grenade ricochets.

Farworld Pioneers is already available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and will release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on August 15.

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