Fear Effect Sedna – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Strategy
Developer: Sushee
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: PS4, PC, Xbox One, Switch
Tested on: Switch

Fear Effect Sedna – Review

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Fear Effect has been around for some time now and fans of the series might be glad to know that another Fear Effect has joined the series. Fear Effect Sedna has the same known protagonists but a different playstyle.  Go on a dangerous mission together with Hana, Rain, Deke, Axel and Glas to steal a mysterious statuette. Fear Effect Sedna has been developed by Sushee and published by Square Enix. We got the chance to test the Nintendo Switch version of the game and go on a mission with the badass protagonists.



Hana and Rain are tasked with stealing a mysterious statuette but it seems that this mission wasn’t as easy as they hoped. When they manage to get into the room to steal the artifact multiple people appear and the situation goes horribly wrong. There is, however, a familiar face in the hectic mess. Axel, a guy that Hana has met a couple times before, is there on a mission as well. Axel then helps Hana to get out of the hectic mess alive.

Deke, a guy part of Hana’s crew, and Rain question Hana about bringing a guest. Axel, the guest, offers them information in exchange for their help.  Which of course Hana and their crew ask triple pay for. Once in agreement, he tells them that he has a lead. This lead takes them to Nuuk in Greenland. There they find out that there is more going on than meets the eye.

Although the concept of the story isn’t that bad the delivery isn’t that well done. Since the characters seem a bit static during some story bits. Hana and Rain talk to each other through earpieces and although this isn’t something that odd it makes their conversation duller.



Fear Effect Sedna’s graphics look pretty. The cel-shaded Graphics of the game gives it a unique look. Backgrounds in the game have a lot of details although it can sometimes be hard to see where you’re going because of the isometric perspective that the game uses. It’s fairly easy to miss some entrances when they are hidden away because of the perspective.

Spotting interactive objects are quite hard unless you’re standing right next to it. It might have been a good idea to make the interactive objects stand out a little bit more. The lighting in Fear Effect Sedna is also beautifully done. Every computer screen, billboard, and gadget has a different kind of lighting and give the game a futuristic effect.



The music in Fear Effect Sedna is mysterious and exciting and fits in perfectly with the game’s atmosphere. Depending on the situation the music changes to something that fits in. Voice acting in the game is okay but a bit emotionless sometimes. If there is something exciting happening the excitement isn’t always noticeable in the voice acting. Which is a bit of a downer for some story bits. There are also times that characters speak with each other through an earpiece, at this time the voice acting is especially less exciting. It might have been better if they changed the voices a little bit to really make it seem like they are talking through earpieces.  Sound effects in the game are pretty great and quite realistic.


Fear Effect Sedna is an action strategy game with also some puzzles included. The game starts off with Hana and Rain already on a mission to kill a “target”. This mission is a sort of tutorial level to learn the combat. Sneaking up on people can be done by going into stealth mode and as long as you don’t step into someone’s sight you are hidden. In stealth mode, you can assassinate people from behind without being noticed. This is quite useful to get rid of guards. To avoid being detected, you can hide behind larger objects. Each character has at least two different weapons; a regular gun/guns and the other a special weapon like for example a taser.


Combat in the game can either be done by either simply locking on targets and shooting them or by using the tactical pause for a more strategic approach. The tactical pause doesn’t really make the game easier and is a bit flawed. You can make a character do three actions during the tactical pause but of course, you don’t see the enemies actions. This means the enemy can be already on you when your character has finally done his/her first action. So you really have to think it through or just control the characters yourself.

When playing with two characters, the A.I. can get a bit weird; for example, if you are in stealthy mode your partner doesn’t automatically go into stealth mode as well. Which makes it that you sometimes get discovered because of your partner. They also don’t automatically take cover when they are in front of a big object so they lose quite a lot more health then you in combat. Tactical Pause can be a bit helpful in that area by telling one character what to do and then controlling the other.


There are also puzzles in Fear Effect Sedna which you have to solve by paying attention to your surroundings. Some are harder than others and require more trial and error. Every time you fail a puzzle you get a small cutscene with either your character dying or him/her getting captured. Which is quite awful if you fail a lot. Sometimes you have to interact with the environment to be able to continue. This can be done by pressing a button to open a pathway or for example using a fire alarm to clear the area. These interactive objects aren’t always clear as an icon only appears when you’re pretty close to it.


Fear Effect Sedna has some good elements and some bad elements but overall it’s still an okay game. It’s quite obvious that people who have played the previous Fear Effect games will enjoy it more because of the nostalgia factor. Although the story is brought a bit duller than it should it is not bad. You will be able to follow along easily even if you haven’t played the previous games. When you figured out the combat it gets easier so only the puzzles are the really hard part of the game. You, the player, can choose his own style of playing be it either strategic or just straight running into combat it’s all up to you. If you’re a fan of the series then definitely give Fear Effect Sedna a try. If you simply like strategy games, then this one might be worth checking out.


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Fear Effect Sedna - Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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