Fegefeuer Soul Tower arrives on Steam this year

Fegefeuer Soul Tower arrives on Steam this year

Snob Entertainment UG is gearing up to launch its newest creation, Fegefeuer Soul Tower, on Steam in 2024. Fegefeuer Soul Tower is an adventure game designed for up to four players, offering a cozy experience. Players will take on the roles of managing a shop, farm, and city while navigating through a 100-floor tower to escape the enigmatic realm known as Fegefeuer, situated between Hell and Heaven.

Key gameplay elements include building a home, liberating NPCs, and acquiring equipment and gems to enhance capabilities. The farming aspect provides a soothing break from the challenging tower encounters. Collaboration with friends enhances the gaming experience, allowing players to embark on the epic journey together. Freeing the legendary Alchemist is a significant milestone, unlocking potent potions and enabling players to socket gems into their equipment.


  • Cozy adventure designed for up to 4 players.
  • Manage a shop, farm, and city while navigating the 100-floor Soul Tower to escape Fegefeuer.
  • Build a home and progress through the tower to reach Heaven.
  • Free NPCs within the Tower to enhance home capabilities.
  • Farm for relaxation, crafting, and cultivation after challenging tower encounters.
  • Obtain equipment and powerful gems as drops during gameplay.
  • Free the legendary Alchemist to unlock potent potions and socket gems into equipment.

The launch date for Fegefeuer Soul Tower has not been announced yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted as soon as we hear more about the upcoming game.

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