Fermi’s Path – Review
Follow Genre: Racing, Action, Arcade
Developer: GameArt Studio GmbH
Publisher: GameArt Studio GmbH
Platform: PC

Fermi’s Path – Review

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Good: vibrant backgrounds, clean UI, steady difficulty curve, racing mechanics, great soundtrack
Bad: won't allow binding keys to bumpers or triggers
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Fermi’s Path is a casual but action-loaded arcade game in which you ‘race’ with a particle through abstract yet stunning-looking subatomic spaces. This adorable yet trippy game is developed by the German-based indie development studio GameArt Studio GmbH who are perhaps best known for their online games Holy War, Glory Wars, Tagoria and A.I. Wars.

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Once upon a time there was a particle named Fermi who was utterly bored with his unadventurous life. He decided to take matters into his own hands – figuratively speaking as he has no hands – and go on a long-awaited journey through subatomic space. Enjoying the music each of these colorful spaces has to offer, he soon realizes that this trip is not without danger. The more subatomic spaces he visits, the faster he accelerates, the harder it becomes to avoid incoming obstacles. To top it off, certain spaces aren’t quite keen to newcomers.

As for the narrative, I may have been completely over-doing it as the game does not have an actual storyline but the particle you’ll be racing with is named Fermi.


The visuals are truly something else. I have absolutely no clue how a subatomic space looks like but the vibrant space-like abstract backdrops certainly seem like a good visualization of said ‘unknown’ space. Each level consists of different colors, with bits and pieces flying around the path that bear resemblance to earthly objects such as ice chunks as well as muddy earth clogs. Then again, the backdrops are so abstract, you may actually see something entirely else in these familiar objects.

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While the backgrounds and animations are quite vibrant on its own, it is still fairly easy to identify each object – even at high speed racing – although this doesn’t change the overall difficulty of the game. The in-game user interface has been kept simple. In fact, you’ll barely notice it is there which is always great in an action-packed racing game.


Aside from the outstanding blurriness of the visuals, the game also offers an equally outstanding techno-like soundtrack. Each level has their own soundtrack which allows for faster, more upbeat sounds during more challenging levels. As there is no narrative in the game, the game doesn’t offer voice-overs or any kind which allows for a casual and relaxing gameplay until your reflexes simply give up.


Fermi’s Path can be played with both the keyboard and a controller but the latter one lacks a decent rebinding system. The keyboard keys don’t need to be changed as the default layout is fairly good. Left, right and jump is simply done via the arrow-keys while you can shoot with the spacebar. The default controller layout is fine but not great. Rotating left and right is done with the left stick while you can jump with A. You can shoot with the X-button, which is where the layout lacks as it would’ve been easier to have it on a bumper or trigger. The rebinding feature is certainly embedded but for some odd reason, the game won’t allow you to bind to keys such as LT and LB.


As for the gameplay, Fermi’s Path couldn’t be more simple. You play as Fermi, a round particle, which follows a preset path. All you have to do to survive is avoid incoming obstacles while at the same time collect as many golden ‘coins’ as possible. There will be hostile particles here and there which you can shoot but most of the time you’ll be simply avoiding obstacles. The short description of the simplistic gameplay does not do the game much justice however as the game does have a steady difficulty curve which only increases to a point where the game gets extremely hard to complete. Surprisingly, you’ll never end up being bored as the game becomes fairly addicting. Additionally, the game offers an infinity mode and steam leaderboards, which are reasons enough to replay the game over and over. The replayability gets upped even more by having secret pathways with their own challenges and even more bonus points.

Besides allowing the player to shoot hostile particles, the game offers more racing mechanics that make the gameplay even more challenging. When jumping in an ‘arrow’, Fermi will jump and land back on the path. You could say that the arrow acts as a ramp in this case. An additional mechanic is the green orb which acts as a ‘nitro’-booster. These mechanics are simple on its own but they do make a great addition.



Fermi’s Path is not a title that would have you envisioning a vibrant abstract arcade racing game but that is what the game is all about. The visuals are beautiful and the soundtrack is on par with the arcade racing theme. Other than the odd name choice and horrendous rebinding system, the game is simply brilliant in nearly every aspect.

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Fermi's Path - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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