FIFA and PES compared

FIFA and PES compared

All football fans in the world are divided into 2 camps – those who support and play PES, and those who drown for FIFA. The Electronic Arts supporters’ camp has many more people than Konami fans.

While there have been released many parts of these two games we will take FIFA 20 and PES 20 for comparison, because this year’s versions are still new and it would be better to review previous versions.


Let’s just note that PES deserves attention at least for its realism. Movement on the field blows, passes – all are done greatly. Sometimes it is difficult to understand from afar whether it is a virtual game or a broadcast of a football match. But it is this component of the game that makes PES 20 the less popular game in the world. Sounds strange, but it’s true. Play with such realistic, but complex gameplay is extremely difficult, you need hours to learn to control all the components of the game.


In this component of the game, of course, all the laurels are taken away by Pro Evolution Soccer. Developers have long started to introduce in the simulator advanced tactical settings, which of course are proud. The player gets complete control over all the actions in the game, and this captures the real fans of the game.

Artificial intelligence is able to adapt to each style of play, which forces the player to regularly change tactics and find gaps in the opponent’s defense. Of the important, it is worth noting that the adaptation of AI to the tactics of the player occurs only when the maximum complexity is exposed. If the level is set lower, it will not be difficult to win the computer.

FIFA has got a mode of tactical schemes only in the version of the game in 2020, but in a simplified version, without point settings. In general, it is better for the simulator – experienced players are happy with the innovation and get used to the regime gradually, and beginners do not break firewood when setting up.


Both are popular esports disciplines. A lot of gamers are engaged in various tournaments. However, if we compare these two games in terms of bettings esports Fifa betting in 2020 was at its highest level compared to PES and people usually chose this game. It is very difficult to understand this tendency but it seems people are more interested in Fifa when it comes to esports.

National leagues and international tournaments

The more leagues, tournaments, and modes of play are present in the simulator, the more interest in it. In the confrontation between FIFA vs PES in this aspect by a large margin wins the simulator from EA. We tell you why.

The number of leagues in PES is much higher than in FIFA, but mostly they are not popular leagues and little-known tournaments. FIFA, on the other up, has quality – it has all the top leagues at its disposal. As well as this year, the Europa League, the UEFA Cup, and the Champions League remained on the right only to EA.

The storyline in the game

The developers of the most popular football game believe that a story campaign should be laid. So for three years to a row in the game, there is a story of Alex Hunter and his friends. This mode allows you to look at the simulator in a different way, from a more interesting point of view, while adding additional game clocks to the EA piggy bank.

In PES, the plot is not complete, so the asset of Japanese developers here is nothing to bring.

Graphics and interface

PES has been in the gaming arena for seventeen years, but the interface of the game from year to year is almost the same, the same intuitively incomprehensible. The graphics in terms of drawing players and their faces are also not complete.

Comparing FIFA 20 and PES 20 in the field of graphics, you can not do. FIFA has Frostbite, and that’s what it says. Animation of the players on the field brings only pleasure, small movements are also at the height. Still, the animation at PES at a higher level, and this is what we noted at the beginning of the article. But FIFA puts the right emphasis on working with the atmosphere of the game – fans, shouts, banners, stadiums, all this is a head higher than in PES.

Online mode

If you ask what is different between FIFA and PES yet, the next theme will be the opportunity to play with real rivals on the Internet. FIFA has this mode called Ultimate Team and has a multimillion-dollar army at its disposal, PES – myClub with a much smaller audience.

The difference in player numbers is due to the fact that the North American company annually and diligently works to improve this model.


How is PES different from FIFA? First, everyone chooses it. But judging by how many people play FIFA 20, it is safe to say that they have the lead.

Secondly, we have come to the following conclusion. Electronic Arts does not make it difficult to understand projects in sports games, including in FIFA 20. They are true to traditions that reinforce fresh development and improvement of graphics with gameplay.

To sum up, WE can say that FIFA 20 is focusing on the emotions we feel when watching and playing football, thereby pushing us to buy FIFA. PES tries to keep up by implementing other developments that attract the attention of users.

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