Fight Crab 2 Scuttles onto Early Access Today

Fight Crab 2 Scuttles onto Early Access Today

Fight Crab 2, the physics-based shellfish brawler launches on PC via Steam Early Access today.

Behold! … a man …riding a crab …riding a motorcycle! Fight for the title of King Crab, suit up in impenetrable armor, mount immortal crustaceans, and flip opponents belly-up across a variety of destructible stages.

Make your way across 14 arenas including ancient villages, airborne platforms, basketball courts, and vegetable-filled gardens. Dismount crabs to access hard-to-reach areas. Trigger special stage events on foot or haul items into the grabbing range of one’s shellfish for a strategic advantage.

Train your Shellfish fighter to climb the ranks of the Crab League and level up your fighter by investing in attributes such as weight, toughness, grip strength, and agility. Be ready to face both monsters and crustaceans in this Career Mode. Do you want to test your skills with the big leagues? Battle with others in a 1v1 in casual and ranked matches or party with up to 5 players in Room Matches and casually against friends!

Play along and find your fighting style. You can pick out from over 90 different weapons and spells, to try and combine them in the best possible way for you to handle. Everything from knives and boxing gloves to even Excalibur will be at your disposal to try and fine-tune your crab. Equip more than 40 passive and active skills for strategic advantages such as added defense, enhanced speed, or automated weapon pick-up.

Fight Crab 2 launches in Early Access on Steam supporting  Japanese, English, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) for $14.99.

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