Fight off aliens in Elroy and the Aliens

Fight off aliens in Elroy and the Aliens

The question if Aliens exist or not is something that hasn’t been answered yet. What if they’re plotting to destroy Earth? Elroy and the Aliens will take you on this quest, where you need to solve puzzles to prevent the world from being a total wasteland. This game is beind made for both PC/Mac and touch-devices, making sure you can enjoy it on multiple locations. Elroy and the Aliens is due for release late 2016.

These are some things you can expect:

  • Point-and-tap adventure game.
  • Hand-drawn 2D animations.
  • Original music score.
  • Fully-voiced characters.
  • Slapstick humor.
  • Classic adventure and full-screen puzzles.
  • Action-packed runner sequences.
  • Touch-screen friendly controls.
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Fight off aliens in Elroy and the Aliens, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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