Final Fantasy VI (Pixel Remaster) – Review
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Final Fantasy VI (Pixel Remaster) – Review

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Final Fantasy is an epic series of adventures in a fantasy setting that’s as old as gaming itself. Previously we already reviewed the pixel remasters of Final Fantasy I, II, and III. Now it’s time to leap forward to VI. The importance of Final Fantasy VI for the series’ progress might be apparent if you know it’s considered to be a classic that’s also included with the games that came with the SNES mini. What makes the game a classic though? Let’s review it like we never played it before.


Final Fantasy VI is actually special because there are many protagonists (fourteen), each with their own unique background and skills. The story of VI has a lot more depth than previous installments and the flow of the story actually feels like the storytelling we got to know in later Final Fantasy games. This one put down a solid base for the well-written stories in VII and VIII, where we also see some intense effort put into character and world-building. This makes the game feel alive, something that was still kind of lacking in Final Fantasy I through III. VI is a game where variety and smaller story arcs accompany a game-long epic story about a young sorceress, generally known as Terra, though you can rename every character you get to play with.

In Final Fantasy VI’s story, magic has been lost to mankind. Instead, steampunk-looking technology took over the world as war is waged between the empire and anybody opposing them. At the start of the game, we see Terra who is controlled by the empire by the means of a “slave crown” device. She is sent to retrieve an “Esper”, a certain magic creature that the empire hopes to utilize. They then, however, discover that Terra herself has magic powers too, and before long everybody is after the girl. There are many memorable characters you meet during this adventure, including the colorful evil ambassador Kefka and members of the resistance who want to help Terra.


The nice thing about these pixel remasters is that the game still plays the same as in your memory while the resolution and special effects do look a bit better. This is especially noticeable with effects such as moving water, though the game is still mostly just updated resolutions of existing sprites. This is also the biggest point of critique on the entire series because no matter how good the game is, this is another release of the game after there was already a 3D remake and the release on the SNES mini. What’s the purpose of another release? Is it the love that these games deserve or is it a money grab? While disputable for the other pixel remasters, we are happy that VI got a remaster and is now available on PC too. It is a gem of a game, even after all these years.


The music in Final Fantasy VI is simply brilliant and shines bright. It’s orchestral, it’s emotionally moving, and it’s very much recognizable as the top-quality music that Square Enix generally produces. In this installment of the series there were also no voice lines yet, nor would there be for a while, so this makes the music extra important for the experience. There are some sound effects during fights or in the menu that have recognizable bleeps and swooshes, but it’s the music that honestly makes these games really good.


Like any old-school Final Fantasy game, this is an RPG with turn-based combat. To play, you need to walk on a world map from one location to another and sometimes fight enemies. Fighting happens turn-based, though FFVI is the first installment that uses real-time mechanics. This means that the clock just keeps on going during your decision-making while the enemy keeps on attacking you, and the preparation time for each character (a timer progress bar that indicates when it’s that character’s turn) also keeps running during every attack. It’s one part of what makes the fights a lot more intense and fun, as quick selections and timely attacks might give you an advantage in the fight.

Another part of the fun is that, as previously mentioned, each character has their own skills. One might use technology, while some other uses ancient martial art techniques. This gives all characters their own strength and makes the game stronger and more unique. While there’s still an entire load of random battles happening as you walk on the world map, something that we previously found very annoying, most fights actually feel interesting and there is enough variation. These battles change quite rapidly while you go through different regions, as the pace of the story doesn’t let you stick around in one place for too long. You could say that the combat is much more story-driven than in previous installments, and it’s definitely less grindy.


The variety and the pace, combined with the many characters in the game, are what still make Final Fantasy VI a gem. There were not many moments that we got bored during the game at all, and it’s a huge improvement compared to I, II, and III. Especially if you haven’t done VI before, it might be a great idea to get this one. There’s a very high chance you will not regret it. There’s amazing music, a good story, and just the overall enjoyment you’ll get from playing this one.

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Final Fantasy VI (Pixel Remaster) - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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