FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE – released worldwide!

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE – released worldwide!

FINAL FANTASY fans rejoice!

The long-awaited FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is now available worldwide for the PlayStation 4! After being hyped up with several trailers you can now finally play the game yourself.

Discover the story of Cloud Strife who is a mercenary. He used to be a member of the Shinra’s Elite SOLDIER unit and is now helping out the Avalanche organization. This organization is rebelling against the Shinra Electric Power Company which is a shady company that controls the planet’s life force.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE uses modern technology to offer old (and new) fans a totally renewed version from the original that is often praised to have one of the most powerful video game stories ever. The game offers a hybrid combat system that mixes real-time action with strategic commando based fights.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE demo can now also be downloaded worldwide for the PS4 and lets you experience the first chapter of the game. If you download the demo before the 11th of May 2020; you’ll receive an exclusive PS4 theme.

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