Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age coming out soon (PS4 only)

Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age coming out soon (PS4 only)

Final Fantasy fans: are you ready for an experience of a lifetime? Get ready to dive into the world of Final Fantasy XII once more. Coming out the 11th of July, only on PS4. Fully HD remastered and with new features, like the Zodiac Job System: a character leveling system with 12 jobs. This will make your Final Fantasy XII experience even more complete!

Return to Ivalice!

Scavage the world of Ivalice, torn apart by war. The kingdom of Damalsca is small, but is going through hard times after it was conquered by the Archadian Empire. The one true heir to the throne, princess Ashe, is forming a rebellion to regain the land that was taken from her. Vaan, a jong lad who lost his family in the war dreams of spreading his wings and fly. Go arm in arm with these dreamers and help them get the ingdom back on its feet. Be a hero and free the land of its shackles!


New features: 

  • The Zodiac Job System: an enhanced leveling system for characters
  • Trial mode: beat enemies during a maximum of 100 consecutive battles
  • Speed mode: Fast traveling trough the world


A new generation of HD-graphics, including fully remastered characters and clips:

  • True 7.1 surround sound, better quality background music, clear voices, using the newest sound tech
  • Now supporting PS4 trophy and share functions, autosave and shorter loading time
  • An endless amount of new adventures like new hunts, battles and mini-games

Contents Limited Steelbook Edition:

  • Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age game
  • Limited Steelbook case
  • DLC code to oplay origional soundtrack in-game


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