Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn open beta starts tomorrow

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn open beta starts tomorrow

Slow, crap, annoying, worst game ever. Those were common review summaries for Final Fantasy XIV v1.0.

With a new lead-developer, Yoshi-P, several attempts were made to fix the many issues and to create an enjoyable game. Despite all these attempts, SE realized that it was too late. The core elements of the game weren’t good enough and impossible to fix.

That’s why they decided to create A Realm Reborn (aka 2.0). A complete new engine, new battle system, new enemies and a complete new world with loads more quests and with a interesting story line.

After three closed beta phases (which were pretty awesome already) it’s finally time for the fourth and final open beta phase. The long awaited Arcanist and Fisher classes will be playable, but only till level 20. The same counts for the main story, it will be playable till the level 20 quest. The open beta will be playable until Monday, Augustus 19th.

For those who aren’t convinced yet, here’s a 13(!) minute long promotional video. While the narration is in Japanese only, there are some really cool scenes to enjoy in the video.

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