Final Fantasy XIV Online celebrates its 4th birthday with two weeks full of events.

Final Fantasy XIV Online celebrates its 4th birthday with two weeks full of events.

The Final Fantasy XIV Online community celebrates the fourth anniversary of the popular MMO. The festivities follow the successful launch of Stormblood, the second expansion pack for the title that appeared recently. To celebrate this important anniversary, the Final Fantasy XIV Online Development Team will be hosting a special 14-hour live stream on September 2. During this stream, fans can enjoy the 28th episode in the Letter from the Producer LIVE series and conversations with the development team and other special guests, while the team needs to complete fun in-game challenges!

Players can also take a look at the Patch 4.1 content, while Yasumi Matsuno (Final Fantasy XII / Final Fantasy Tactics) joins producer and director Naoki Yoshida to tell “Return to Ivalice”, the forthcoming 24-member alliance raid . As a special guest developer, Matsuno will write the scenario for this raid, bringing him the world of Ivalice to Final Fantasy XIV Online. Prior to the stream, Naoki Yoshida stated that the past year was full of memorable moments such as fan festivals in Las Vegas, Tokyo and Frankfurt to the launch of Stormblood. They feel honored by the continued support of the players, and are happy to celebrate this birthday together with them. He would like to express their gratitude to the entire community, which now consists of 10 million Warriors of Light, for their support to date. They can look forward to more exciting things in the future.Final Fantasy XIV Online Ivalice

As one of the numerous events in honor of this birthday, Koji Fox of the Final Fantasy XIV Online Localization Team hosts a panel during PAX West, from 10:00 to 11:00 on September 2. During this panel, Fox will answer questions about the story and localization. The panel’s live stream can be seen on PAX’s official Twitch channel. You can find the link of the channel here.

The celebration of the four-year existence began last weekend in the game with the seasonal event “The Rising”, consisting of fun activities and exciting rewards. In addition, there is the Mega Mog Station Sale which runs until September 26 2017 and offers 30% off a wide range of items in the store. More details about these promotions can be found on, respectively at The Rising or at The Mega Mog Sale.

If you’ve haven’t tried Final Fantasy XIV Online than the free trial might be the solution for you. It encourages players to join the millions of adventurers in the empire of Eorzea ™. The free trial lets everyone enjoy all content up to level 35, make up eight playable characters, and try the various playable races, classes and jobs without playing time limits. New players wanting to try the free trial can register here.  Once you’re convinced, than you can buy all the available versions of Final Fantasy XIV Online at your local gamestore for the platform of your choice or at the official Square-Enix Store.

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