Final Fantasy XV – Episode Prompto released today

Final Fantasy XV – Episode Prompto released today

A new DLC for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto is available today. This downloadable episode lets you play from the perspective of the popular character: Prompto in a brand new storyline.

You go on an adventure with Prompto Argentum and Aranea Highwind trough snowy wilderness all while getting to know the cheerful photographer Prompto better and fighting enemies with brand new weapons.

New in Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto

  • Third person shooter gameplay.
  • A new crazy fast snowmobile.
  • Making selfies on the go.

Square Enix also released a free update today where players can now upgrade the Regelia at Hammerhead to the new Type-D model. With this update the players get more freedom to go off-road with the Regelia. The update also adds some music tracks from Episode Prompto to the Regelia. It also has a few bug fixes and more.

You can now download Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto trough the Xbox Games Store or PlayStation Store or get it with a season pass.

Final Fantasy XV is available worldwide on Xbox One and PS4

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