Good news for the creative FINAL FANTASY XV players! Square Enix Ltd. Has released a MOD ORGANIZER for FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION for Steam, Origin and Windows 10.

The MOD ORGANIZER is a handy tool that helps players to make mods for FINAL FANTASY XV. Players will be able to make assets in a separate 3D designing software and export this in FBX-format to the MOD ORGANIZER. This data can then be converted to a mod and be included inside of the game world. With the MOD ORGANIZER players will be able to customize characters, weapons and costumes.

Players can alter existing character models and their textures. This makes it possible for players to alter the appearance of Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis or even alter the appearance of supporting characters like Ardyn and Aranea and other non-playable characters. Costumes can also be edited or replaced by new designs. It’s even possible to edit weapons or even make brand new weapons. Players can even set their own stats of the new weapon they made. New weapons give players 100 points to divide over different parameters like Attack, Max HP, MP, Vitality and elementary magic resistance. This System makes sure that the game stays in balance while still giving the players some freedom.

A few added example models give players the ability to quickly change costumes and weapons. The more advanced editing tools for creative mods are made so that even beginners can easily handle it.

You can download the MOD ORGANIZER here for Windows and Origin, Steam already has added the MOD ORGANIZER to the Tools of the Steam Launcher.

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