Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Adventure, JRPG
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: Android, IPhone, PS4, Xbox One, PC (Windows Edition), Nintendo Switch
Tested on: PS4

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition – Review

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In November of this year, the last game from the Final Fantasy franchise will blow out two candles. A lot of extras, DLC and collaborations happened in the meanwhile, one being the Pocket Edition. This mobile game was a way to dive into the story yet again. Recently the game was published on consoles as well and we got the chance to test the PS4 version. Once again we found ourselves tangled in the storyline with Noctis and his companions.


Square Enix is known for its extensive storylines and for Final Fantasy XV it wasn’t any different. With the pocket edition though, a lot of the narrative has been cut down to the essentials. Yes, the main story is still there but there are some gaps here and there, especially when it comes to the side quests. Only a few are left, mostly in the same area so a lot of the bonding is missed. In the end, you can still follow the story, both for new people as for veterans, but it’s definitely a summary of the original.

There are 10 chapters to dive into, each about an hour of gameplay. Of course, if you don’t check everything thoroughly, it might be less than that. As this game used to be on mobile, it’s normal it’s not that very long. If you were looking for a nice game to play in-between, you’ll like this version but if you want to get the whole story, it might be best to invest time in the full game.


As you might have seen already, the graphics of the pocket Edition are totally different from the original game. The design looks rather simplistic but it captures the essentials of the characters. For example, Noctis his iconic hair, Gladiolus is buffed up and of course there’s a cheeky version of Prompto. It might seem a bit too blocked off sometimes but when you play the game, the charm of this choice shows off.

The environments are fit for the characters and have the same style. You’ll recognize similar buildings and locations, but on a smaller scale. Sometimes the surroundings do seem a bit empty, especially as the screen is a lot bigger now as we tested it on the PS4. As it’s a port of a mobile game, it’s well done and there are no frame drops or other glitches.

Camera wise, the angle is fixed so you can only see a part of the area at a time. This is a big change in comparison to the original, where you could walk around freely. This is heavily restricted in this game, but with the set-up and goal of the title, it’s not a bad thing.


When you play the game, you will be stunned by the music and voice acting. This is actually completely taken from the original game so you’re in for a treat. You’ll be able to enjoy the original soundtrack, so that’s definitely a bonus. The sound effects are a fun addition and keep you immersed. The combination of all different aspects gives a rather special effect and it surely is a good point.


Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is a mobile game from the Final Fantasy series, which is now released on several consoles. The main quest is still intact, but a lot shorter while a lot of the side quests were removed to provide a shorter, more linear storyline. Of course, both types of quests still provide you with loot and experience. The latter is added to your level at certain times in the game, mostly after a stage or in-between missions, just like in the original game. Ignis’ cooking skills can be influenced by finding several items on the field and then completing the quest. This will make the dish appear during the next rest moment.

Fighting is done by leading Noctis into battle together with his arsenal of weapons and his trusty friends at his side. Some enemies are more susceptible for a specific kind, so it’s best to switch around when you feel like you’re not getting somewhere. Our prince can also use magic and a special move, which is explained on a later moment in the game. All these elements give you the possibility to smite your foes, although there is also the skill tree system. There is only one tree for you to worry about, each having their own amount of AP to spend. Of course, earlier skills will cost less so it’s up to you where you want to invest in. These skills can vary between an extra move for a certain weapon combo or even a combined attack with your friends. The latter is rather useful as it gives you an advantage during fights.

Sometimes a stealthy approach is needed, which is possible thanks to the warping system. Sometimes a warping point pops up on your screen, which makes locking on rather easy. Up there, you have an overview of a part of the map and depending on the situation, you can go to another area with an item or to instantly kill enemies. When you go for the second option, you have a short timeframe where you can warp to other bad guys to continue your kill streak. You can also implement warping into your fighting sequence, as you can warp between several enemies while already in combat. Sometimes these types of moves will cause your enemy to break and become vulnerable. This isn’t the same for every opponent, so experimentation is key. You can also block or avoid incoming attacks by pressing the right key as fast as possible.

During your journeys, you pick up a lot of items you don’t even use. These can be sold to the several shops found in the cities you visit. Whenever you talk to one, the goods are added to the main menu and you can always access them. The same goes for selling. It’s like you have your personal shopkeeper with you at all times. The developers added the option to sell all valuables at once, so you don’t have to be scared to sell something that you need on a later point in the game. Weapon upgrades can be bought here as well, so be sure to always talk to the local shopkeeper to keep your goods up to date.

The controls are rather easy as you only have to use a few buttons to interact with your surroundings or during fighting. This might make things a bit too easy for some people, especially when you liked the original battle system, where everything was way more hectic and intense. For healing, you can just go to the menu, pop all the potions you want and go back in with full health. The tutorial of several aspects of the game happen really gradually, which is a breather in comparison to the otherwise stuffed few first hours.


Final Fantasy XV had an extensive storyline and a variety of side quests, meaning that you would invest hours of time in the original game. With the Pocket Edition, you can enjoy a shortened version. The graphics had a complete make-over while the music is straight from the original. The port from mobile to console went well although the gameplay might get easy soon.

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Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition - Review, 6.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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