FireSquad Coming to Steam Summer 2022

FireSquad Coming to Steam Summer 2022

Independent game developer Falcon GameStudio has announced that their strategy game, FireSquad will be coming to Steam this summer.

In Firesquad you play as a group of four firefighters which you control simultaneously. Your mission is to rescue people from a burning building and you must coordinate all tasks perfectly to succeed at this. To do this, you’ll be searching the house for survivors, breaking through obstacles, keeping the spread of the fire in check, and rescuing everyone before the building collapses. Everything has to be done within the time limit. FireSquad makes you think and act fast as the fire spreads randomly and forces you to constantly adapt to the situation.


  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Semi-randomized levels to keep the experience fresh each time you play
  • Three types of buildings with different features
  • Squad upgrades
  • Dynamic difficulty selection

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