First Class Trouble – Update Live Now!


Developer Invisible Walls ApS and publisher Versus Evil are happy to announce that the latest update for their multiplayer social deduction game First Class Trouble is now live on Steam. The new update introduces a new maintenance area map and new game mechanics such as magnetic boots. These boots are made for walkin’, as they protect you from being sucked out of the airlock when other players decide to boot you into space. With the help of a forklift, players will also have access to the new Personoid Maintenance Area.

The Personoid Maintenance Area is a dark and cold environment and is filled with heavy industrial equipment. The area is full of Personoid shortcuts, which will spice up the gameplay even more. Personoids come here to recharge, be repaired, or be decommissioned if they are of no further use.

In order to activate the elevator, players will need to repair 20 of the 25 CAIN servers while the Personoids will be doing all they can to sabotage this objective. This latest update also improves the transformation animation sequence and gives the Personoid shortcuts a visual overhaul.


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