First Content update for The Falconeer

First Content update for The Falconeer

Today, Wired Productions and independent developer Tomas Sala have announced the first free content update called ‘The Kraken’ for The Falconeer, an open-world air combat game. This update is part of a series of content updates coming for this game in the future.

This content update delivers some new exploration and discovery experiences to players, including two new locations, The Cartohom Cartographers Guild and the Batis Wreckdiver company. Cartohom will give players exploration missions to see more of the world, while the Batis Wreckdiver company will give players missions that will take you below the waves to recover wrecks and finding ancient treasures while you’re at it.

The AI and combat have also received an overhaul with smoother dogfights, changes to enemy behavior, and an off-screen enemy indicator. This update also contains some improvements based on the feedback received from players. More updates will be released in the next year, which will expand the scale and depth of the world in The Falconeer.

A new trailer dedicated to this update can be watched below this post.

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