First expansion for Hearthstone is Goblins vs Gnomes

First expansion for Hearthstone is Goblins vs Gnomes

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Blizzard’s very own free-to-play collectible cardgame, will receive its first very own expansion! The ever-lasting battle between the Gnomish tinkers and the Goblin engineers will continue in Hearthstone.

The new expansion will release over 120 new cards that are influenced by the goblin engineers and gnome tinkers. However, those who are familiar with both races also know that their mechanical contraptions are faulty for the majority of times. Thus, the new cards will have the same faulty inventions which may result into some hilarious gameplays. Additionally, the new expansion will feature a Spectator mode which will allow your friends to spectate your games.

Here’s a small sample of the Goblins vs Gnomes card set. You can see more cards at Hearthstone’s website.

goblins vs gnomes cards

The Goblins vs Gnomes card packs can be bought with in-game gold or real money at the same price of the standard card packs. Players can always take their chance in the Arena mode where they can win some of the newest card packs. The newest expansion is set to release in December for both PC and iPad.

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