First Gameplay Trailer for I Am Setsuna

First Gameplay Trailer for I Am Setsuna

Square Enix Ltd. today released the first gameplay trailer for I Am Setsuna, which will be available in Europe and PAL-regions on the PlayStation 4 and Steam on the 19th of July.

 The debut title of Tokyo RPG Factory tells the tale of the sad but unforgettable story of Setsuna, a young woman with an incredible inner strength. Together with her 2 guardians she travels to make the ultimate offer which in the end will safe the people of her country. The new gameplay trailer shows us the magnificent shaping, the music, the story and the gamedesign of the game.

People who are interested can pre order I Am Setsuna on Steam. Those who do so will receive a special music track of the componist Tomoki Miyoshi. Gamers who pre order on the Square Enix Online Store will receive 5 special character avatars.

 I Am Setsuna will be released digitally on the 19th of July in Europe and PAL-regions for the PlayStation 4 and Steam and will set you back €39,99/$39,99.

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