FISH released today for PC


FISH the newly released free-to-play game is out on PC, a game almost entirely created by the independent developer Gennady Guryanov. FISH is a stunning and, at the same time, bizarre experience that will take you on a philosophical rollercoaster adventure across the universe and life itself.

Inspired by the writings of Russian artist, writer, and philosopher, Nicholas Roerich, FISH is a game that explores every aspect of life, death, and everything in between. The story behind this odd but truly mesmerizing philosophical experience is of a man and his journey of collecting his recently won award. On that journey, he will visit many strange locations inhabited by benevolent beings that will pass their knowledge on to him.

Knowledge in the form of the fundamental nature of reality, life, death, the afterlife, and many more subjects where one might take a second to think and ‘Hmmm‘ at what is being told. The game might be confusing at first, as the shared information can be quite dense, but even so, understanding the slightest bit of information can still be a fascinating experience. FISH has eye-catching audio-visuals that will leave players in thoughts after completing their journey as some conversations might be more than meets the eye.

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