Flat Heroes – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Party, Arcade, Platformer
Developer: Parallel circles
Publisher: Deck 13
Platform: Mac, Switch, PC, Linux
Tested on: Switch

Flat Heroes – Review

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Nowadays games are competing for the best and most realistic graphics or when that is not an option, games go for a more “retro” look. However sometimes realistic or retro is not necessary; simple design can also be fun if the gameplay is interesting. Flat Heroes is one of these games that has a simpler look in the graphics department however the gameplay still looks amusing to play. Flat Heroes was developed by Parallel Circles and published by Deck 13. We got a chance to test the game and discover that simple can still be challenging and engaging!


There is no story in Flat Heroes but this sort of game doesn’t really need a story so it isn’t missed.


Flat Heroes has a really simple design. You play as a square and enemies are also different kinds of shapes. Once you unlock a new world you get a new colored square from the pallet that you unlock. Your square, the background, and the platforms are the most colorful things in the game because the enemies are mostly black. Everything looks clean and no pixels are really visible.


Flat Heroes’ music is very upbeat. Some tracks are more dramatic than others especially the boss’ tracks. When playing in versus mode the soundtrack also ups the tension to make it more exciting to fight against your friends.

Sound effects in Flat Heroes are pretty well done. Each enemy has a different sound effect with some of them sounding more dangerous than others. Some enemies sound like little seeking robots while others sound like a really strong blob that would smash everything it hits. Nearly every selection in the menu screen also has a sound effect attached to it. knowing that you’re about to accidentally quit when you’re pressing the wrong button can be quite handy.


Flat Heroes is an action, arcade, party and platformer game where you can either try to play the levels solo or together with your friends. At any time, players can be added or removed in the campaign. There are several different worlds with all different color pallets for the squares you play with. Sadly, even if there are 4 different colored squares to pick from, you can’t pick a color. If you’re player one, you get the first square, if you’re player two, you get the second square and so on. So if you’re playing alone you just have to be happy with the first colored square. There is a selection screen where you enter players that looks like you would actually be able to pick the color you want but there is no option for it. You can, however, change the pallet of the 4 squares so at least you can somehow pick a different color.

Once you start the game you can notice that each world looks back to other worlds as world two assumes you know what enemies from world one do. Every time a new enemy gets introduced you get an easier level and once you complete that you will start to see more of that enemy and see them combined with other enemies as well. Each world has fifteen levels and starts with a simpler level one and ends with a boss level. Once you beat the boss of the world you unlock the next world. If you’ve beaten every level and haven’t skipped any, then you also unlock a new pallet.

Each enemy has a different way to attack you. Some will draw lines everywhere and then follow those lines, others will fly up to you and explode. Once you start to know more enemies you will see them more and more. Some levels also combine multiple enemies which quite often gets really tricky. You will have to keep an eye on every enemy and not get surprised. Each level also has a different arrangement of platforms which can give you cover from enemies that come down in a line from the top, bottom, left or right. Sometimes you will have to find a right spot between platforms to hide from two lines appearing at the same time. Having fast reflexes in this game is also a must because at times you will have to quickly change spots to hide from enemies coming from another direction.

You’re able to double jump which also can be used for a slight speed boost to dodge out of the way. After a few levels, you also unlock an attack that can be used against some enemies. It is a short burst which will require timing when used against some fast enemies. A handy feature that the squares also have is that they are “sticky” and can stay up against platforms without falling down. This is handy to stay on vertical platforms to hide from for example a line of enemies coming from the left or right.  It is, however, more difficult to go down carefully because you’re sticky so you can’t just slide down.

Flat Heroes has three different modes: Campaign, Survival, and Versus. In Campaign and Survival, you will be able to work together with the other players but in Versus you compete against your friends. Each mode can also be played solo because there is an option to add A.I. in Versus mode. There are four different games you can play in Versus mode: Zones, Battle, runner, and catch. Each one has a different objective that isn’t always clear from the start and also doesn’t really get explained in the game. Most of them include beating the other players so if you just do that, it will somehow work out. If you stay in Versus and just switch games, the game will remember the scores of the other games and add new winner points when you win in a different game. So if you’re better in one game you can bump up your score there.


Flat Heroes is a fun game to play if you want to play a casual game with friends at a party or to just play when you’re in a mood for something challenging but simple. Fair warning, Flat Heroes is a game that might unlock a bit of rage when you keep having to retry a level by for example being just a tad late to dodge. The game is fun and challenging for all ages and is perfect to bring to a party or waiting room. So if you want a nice and simple challenging game then maybe give Flat Heroes a try!

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Rating: 8.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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Flat Heroes - Review, 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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