Fluffy Horde – Review
Follow Genre: 2D side-scrolling hybrid between real-time strategy and tower defence
Developer: Turtle Juice
Publisher: Turtle Juice
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Fluffy Horde – Review

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Bad: Sound, jokes, speed sometimes more important
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Welcome to a brand new game where you will go up against terrifying monsters, have to battle ‘till your last breath and face your worst nightmares. Or not? In Fluffy Horde your enemies are bunnies. Yes, those adorable little creatures with their cute ears and noses. Except they’re not that lovable now. They’re a magical hyper breeding bunny horde created by the Shaman wanderer. Will this game melt our hearts like bunnies are supposed to? Let’s find out!


There once was a shaman who wandered the roads looking for a new home. Unfortunately, this proved to be a lot harder than he expected it to be. After visiting various cities and facing multiple rejections, he became desperate and angry. As a way of taking revenge and finding a new place to call home, he created an army of hungry bunnies. Why bunnies? Who knows. Now he has gone down a path of vengeance and wants to destroy those who turned him down.

Is this story a necessity in this game? We’d say it’s not. However, it’s a nice addition to the gameplay, giving the game a little extra. It’s not an elaborate story and even though the idea of an army of bunnies is a nice touch, the idea of the game remains simple.


Fluffy Horde uses 2D pixel art. This managed to make the game look very nice, be it rather basic. The use of bright colors, well designed characters and overall an enjoyable look of the game deserve a thumbs up. The evil wizard, ruler of the hungry bunnies, wears a wooden bunny mask, giving him a nice touch.   


There are two types of sound present in this game. The first ones are the in-game sounds, the other one is the voice acting. Let’s start with the in-game sounds. These are very basic. It starts with a flute-like sound and is followed by a more instrumental, slow melody. This sound may be enjoyable at first, it gets repetitive quite fast. However, it does manage to grab your attention unaware, as it gets stuck inside your head quite easily.

Now, for the voice acting. The developers clearly tried to throw in some humor here. Too bad they largely failed. Sometimes comments and jokes can be perceived as funny but most the time they’ll just make you cringe. The voice of the Shaman has a Jamaican accent but with a Darth Vader voice. Yes, that is the best way to describe it. The princess that needs your assistance sounds like a spoiled child and the rest just sounds exactly like you’d expect them too sound; cliche.  


Fluffy Horde is a 2D side-scrolling hybrid between real-time strategy and tower defense. The two modes presented in the game are Campaign and Multiplayer. The Campaign mode is divided in four sub-campaigns, each containing a list of levels.  

The game combines strategy, tower defense and puzzling elements. The developers created a considerable mixture of these bits in Fluffy Horde, but sometimes it feels like a level comes down to speed rather than, for example, actual strategy. This ruins some levels since it’s exactly the elements mentioned above that make the game fun.

The goal of the game is to control the bunny population before they take over the city. So basically you have to kill all bunnies in a certain level. At the start of each level you can look around using the mini map and work out a strategy. The bunnies could be attacking a target like a windmill. It can also be your job to escort the princess to her party, or to get the cow (who is, of course, scared of bunnies) to the tittyplant. Yes, you are reading that correctly; tittyplant. That’s how the developers called the bizarre plant that has an udder. Of course, you’ll find some bosses along the way as well, giving you a little extra challenge!

How do you kill these little bunnies, you ask? You have knights and archers for that of course! Basically, you move these units around by moving their flags. A knight will attack on the spot where you planted the flag, whereas an archer will target the area around the flag. Units can be upgraded to make them faster and stronger. This is where the gold comes into play. Maps also have farmers you can hire. They will earn gold which you can use for your units, or to open a bridge for example. A unit can be upgraded 3 times. You can also buy decoys as a way of luring bunnies to a certain place. These decoys are pretty much people who are born as a carrot.

Each level also contains three quests, which you can consult at any point during the game. These quests can be various of things. For example win a game in 40 seconds, use only one carrot during this level, finish with an undamaged windmill, etc. You get a medal for each quest you complete and when you have accomplished all three quests in a level, you get an extra medal. By the way, if you happen not to be able to complete any quest in a level, don’t worry, you can still continue to the next level.


Fluffy Horde is a fun game with a few demerits. The gameplay is fun and enjoyable and the graphics are charming. However, the in-game sound is too repetitive and the jokes are not that funny. We do wish all levels were about strategy, tower defensing and puzzling, instead of quick reflexes and speed. This takes a fun element away out of the game. All in all, we can say Fluffy Horde is definitely a weird game but for its low price tag it’s worth giving it a try and seeing if it’s a match for you.

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Rating: 8.8/10 (4 votes cast)
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Fluffy Horde - Review, 8.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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    December 16, 2018, 04:38

    It’s.. so.. Fluffy!

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