Football Manager gets new games

Football Manager gets new games

If you like management games, then you will definitely have heard of Football Manager. This year’s edition will have two new brothers though. The PC and high-end tablets will get Football Manager Touch, while iOS and Android receive Football Manager Mobile.

The ‘Touch’ version is the new name of Football Manager Classic and will be a quick play mode within the full simulation setting. This game will be available separately on Steam. The same goes for the Mobile version, formerly known as Football Manager Handheld.

“While a huge number of our fans have the time and dedication required to devote themselves to the ‘full’ simulation, there’s an equally-large number who prefer a more streamlined option. Not only that, but the widespread availability of mobile devices means that people are playing in different ways. The introduction of Football Manager Touch as a standalone offering – playable across computer and tablet – means that we now offer something for everyone.”

If you have already pre-purchased Football Manager 2016 digitally will receive a digital download key for ‘An Alternative Reality: the Football Manager Documentary’ and get access to the Beta version. People who pre-ordered a bowed copy will receive a limited edition with the documentary included.


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