For Honor – loads of updates coming in!

For Honor – loads of updates coming in!

Players of For Honor can look forward to dedicated servers to be added to the game along with a whole bunch of other updates. The coming updates are building upon the game’s 5 months of post-launch updates. Other upcoming updates include two new seasons, more game modes and a new PVP ladder with rankings. For Honor will also keep developing with more updates with the coming year. so let’s have a little overview of what’s to come!

Dedicated servers – One of the first updates coming to For Honor is the addition of dedicated servers. This will improve prior problems by including better matchmaking, and peer-to-peer connections.

Two new seasons – This coming August and November, which will change the way you play. Both updates will include new heroes, maps, gear, and gameplay updates. players who own a season pass will get early-access to the new heroes. (more info pending)

New gameplay elements – For Honor will be receiving ranked modes later this year. Along with the new mode will come duel, and 4v4 modes, and a 4v4 PvP option as well.

New and improved practice modes – Players will now be able to practice their strategies, learn to fight with new heroes, or keep their skills up.

Balance updates – For honor will keep working on, and are soon improving some combat mechanics to balance out the game by making defense more important, or by making attacks stronger. Public beta’s for these balance updates will start today.

Lastly, Ubisoft has given us this roadmap to keep mind of the upcoming updates.

For Honor roadmap 1

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