For Honor’s Season Two: shadow Of Might is now available

For Honor’s Season Two: shadow Of Might is now available

As of today, For Honor’s Season Two: Shadow & Might is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Shadow & Might adds a lot of new content to the game, including two new heroes, two additional maps, new matching items for all heroes and gameplay updates. All players get free access to maps and gameplay updates at the start of Season Two. Players with a Season Pass can start with the deadly Shinobi and the cruel Centurion immediately. Starting May 23th 2017, these heroes are available for all players for 15,000 Steel per unit.

Shadow & Might features:

  • Shinobi(Samurai assassin): Shinobi are experts in maneuvering on the battlefield. With their backflips, forward rolls, super sprint skills and the ability to block evasive maneuvers, Shinobi are clever and moving heroes. Although they have little health and are hard to defend defensively, they compensate for this with their leniency and the scope of their attacks. With their traditional Japanese kusarigama, a shekel on a chain, Shinobi has the farthest range of all heroes.
  • Centurion(Knight hybrid): Centurions prefer close combat and specialize in bypassing another’s defense and defeating their opponents. Due to their limited range, they must allow the enemy to make sure they lose their balance. When their opponents freak, they can be punished by a heavy leap of the Centurion. With a reliable smoothius, the Centurion is perfectly equipped to dive the battle and perform a combination of deadly attacks.
  • New maps: Season Two increases the number of multiplayer matchtypes with the addition of Forge and Temple Garden. Forge stands for Ashfeld’s power and the brutal power of the Knights war machine. Temple Garden, on the other hand, embodies the beauty and harmony of Myre, but has been transformed into a battlefield by the Samurai. Both maps are available as we speak in all multiplayer modes.
  • Improved equipmentsystem: Shadow & Might improves the equipment system by creating a balance between weak and overpowered statistics. The display of statistics also changes, so players comparing equipment now see the percent improvements.
  • Epic level Gear: aside from the improved equipmentsystem, Season Two adds a new kind of gear called Epic Gear, improving the level cap from 108 to 144.
  • The Faction War expands: Since Season One of the Faction War proved to be a battle between the Vikings and the Samurai, nine new areas are added to the Cross-Platform Faction War map. With honor, pride and exclusive in-game prices at stake, the best faction will be decided during 12 weeks in the Faction War.

Individual map trailers

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