Foster and care for a baby dragon in My Baby Dragon for Switch

Foster and care for a baby dragon in My Baby Dragon for Switch

My Baby Dragon has just been released on the Nintendo eShop and will be available physically starting December 1st. This is perfect timing for the holidays if you have kids, in your shoe as a present from Saint Nicholas, or a nice gift from Santa Claus. Households without a Switch won’t need to worry as on the same date of the physical release, the game will also come out on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 albeit digitally.

Players will find themselves as new dragon caretaker and ones with high responsibilities. You are in charge of your very own nursery where you hatch and grow dragons from one of the four elements. What kind of dragon do you want to raise, a fire, water, air, or earth? Nonetheless, each baby dragon will need a lot of love and attention, provide them with their favorite treats, help them grow their magic skills, cuddle them and shower them with sweets until they are grown enough to go to the Dragon School. If you spend enough time with your newborn friend then eventually you might be capable to increase their magic knowledge and be the best caretaker possible.

Key features include:

  • Hatch the cutest dragon babies – Put your hands on the coveted dragon eggs, and hatch them by providing a warm and cozy environment with the help of smooth and cute items. Each dragon is bound to one of the four natural elements, and provisioning to their specific needs will be key to helping them grow. It will be up to you to find which family each dragon belongs to hatch it and help it grow!
  • Teach your dragon to fly and learn magic! – As a dragon caretaker, you will be tasked with their development, including teaching them all the tricks they need to know. Train them to use their wings as well as their magic skills, preparing them for the dragon school!
  • Earn your degree and become the best dragon guardian! – The more dragon you discover, the better you’ll get as a caretaker! Raise all kinds of dragons and collect badges to earn your official dragon guardian diploma!

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