Freaky Awesome – Review
Follow Genre: Roguelite, action
Developer: Mandragora
Publisher: Mandragora
Platforms: PC
Tested on: PC

Freaky Awesome – Review

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There are labs that try to mutate the DNA of plants and who-knows-what for the greater good, but what if it would turn out bad? In Freaky Awesome, you get to find out. Our character dives head-first into a mutation-infested old factory to get his lost dog, but might get some extra shapes he didn’t take into account when he started this rescue mission.

Freaky Awesome


There doesn’t seem to be any story available for this game when just playing, but the Steam page does have some extra details. It seems that your missing dog was held at an old factory and you’re keen to get your friend back. Instead of trying to get inside via the door, you decide to jump into a rather dirty sewer hole. This wasn’t a good idea as you get a nuclear bath and upon leaving this green sticky goo, you get transformed into an abomination. Lesson learned I guess.

It’s a bit strange that the game doesn’t really have any references to the story that is on the Steam page, which might explain why you’re actually there in the first place. If you didn’t check this at all, you wouldn’t have known what is happening and why you have the splendid idea to dive into a sewer.

Freaky Awesome


Freaky Awesome will take you back to the more pixelated age but with a lot of popping colors. Especially the green gooey substance that can change your DNA for the better or worse really stands out, while your enemies have some bright colors too. Depending on the floor you’re on, you’ll be greeted by new environments and monsters to defeat. Your mutation always looks different, although you can recognize some human flesh in there. The combination of all these aspects makes it rather pleasing to the eye, if you’re into more pixelated graphics.


This is an aspect where the game tends to waver a bit. The music matches nicely with the graphics and gives you that more pumped-up feeling and the need to press on while dodging enemy fire. The downer is that there is one track linked to a specific level and as these aren’t scrambled, you will hear the same music quite a lot. Only when you get to a new environment, you can enjoy some new beats. Sound effects on the other hand are rather nice and will help you get that more experimental feeling with the oozes running out of your body or the bites from evil creatures.

Freaky Awesome


Freaky Awesome is an action rogue-lite game with some mutational features. Upon entering the factory, you can choose your mutation from two options. You can get more creatures by finding special devices on the levels of the factory, giving you some nice perks. For instance, one of them lays eggs which gives you a small worm that attacks your foes while the other one is better in close combat or is able to emit electricity. Don’t worry if you might have picked the wrong mutation, as you can change this by collecting green mutagen which is left behind after killing monsters. Sometimes you want to keep a certain mutation as it might be effective for that level, but the green mutagen is also a way to gain back some lost health. It’s a battle between keeping your health high and keeping your mutation if needed. Every two levels there seems to be a boss battle and there are only a few bosses foreseen per battle. In the end, it’s still a bit random which one you will get but it gives you an indication on which mutation to keep.

Each room is filled with deadly traps like explosives or spikes but also quite some breakable objects, which can contain different items. Next to some potions or bombs there are also other collectibles like coins and keys. These are useful to open doors or buy some goods in the shop. Keys, coins and blood are also needed to obtain a new mutation, so keep this in mind when venturing through the factory. One of the most useful items in the store might actually be the DNA, which is also granted when defeating a boss. This DNA can be used to upgrade your skills and improve your character so you’re able to dig deeper into this pit of doom. So, coins are rather important too so it is a good idea to search the rooms for this golden delight. The amount of ooze you collected is also taken into account when completing a level, which also results in getting coins. Of course, when you’re low on health, it might be actually a better idea to just go straight for the exit as there is a perma-death rule. Thank goodness that your skills are saved though.

Freaky Awesome

The game also has a multiplayer mode where you can hook up to four players in a co-op game or go online and join a room there. You can customize your character a bit, like the skin color or clothing and will help you to identify your toon. Of course, there are perks when playing with multiple people as you can get resurrected by your team members and more people means more damage, but also more chaos. It’s a fun way to get together with your friends and kill some gruesome monstrosities together.

In the end, it’s a fun game to play but you might get the feeling that you’re not making much progression, especially single player, as it takes a while to actually get to the lower levels and get a new mutation or some DNA to improve your character. Of course, a rogue-lite game doesn’t have to be easy but it might not feel rewarding enough to actually press on.

Freaky Awesome


Freaky Awesome will take you on a pixelated journey inside a dirty factory and its vile creatures. Your own DNA isn’t safe either and mutations are surely going to happen. Together with the pumped-up music you try to survive each level and get some goodies on the way. In the end, as it’s a rogue-lite game, you’ll die quite a lot and hopefully you can find the courage to press on.

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Freaky Awesome - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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