Fred and Mega Stalk Announced

Fred and Mega Stalk Announced

CIS has announced their brand new game called Fred and Mega Stalk for Android and IOS.

Fred and Mega Stalk is a runner-arcade game where players will see the world through the eyes of Fred, a young and naive man. Embark on an exciting journey up on the bean stalk, overcoming obstacles and avoiding dangers that threaten to throw you down on solid ground. Find all the pages of Fred’s dairy, and with them uncover his thoughts and secrets.

Fred and Mega Stalk

Key features for Fred and Mega Stalk are:

  •  Great and intelligent story

Unlike most similar games behind the character’s back there is a whole life, and players have a goal. Moving forward, you will learn more and more new things about Fred and the ultimate goal of his journey.

  • Colorful world

The bright, beautiful and, at the same time a little sad world of Fred will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • Exciting gameplay

Every minute of the game becomes increasingly difficult and breathtaking, most importantly do not forget to feed the cat.

  • Easter eggs

If you want to find all the secrets that the creators hid in the game?

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