Free Demo for Just Dance 2016

Free Demo for Just Dance 2016

Today a free demo has been released for Just Dance 2016, which is available for next-gen consoles. Players get the opportunity to play the game on the Just Dance Controller app on their smartphone. The demo contains the track ‘Blame’ from Calvin Harris feat John Newman and is available as download on the Wii U, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Just Dance 2016 will be available on October 22nd.

Also, the free Just Dance Controller app is now available for IOS and Android-devices and will soon be available for Windows Phone. This app gives the players the opportunity to play Just Dance 2016 on next-gen consoles by using their smartphones without any other hardware accessories. The app changes your smartphone into a real controller and registers your precise movements, it also allows to navigate through the different menus of the game. Xbox One players also have to opportunity to play the demo with the Kinect for Xbox One. To play the demo, players just need to follow these steps.

  1. Download the Just Dance Controller app on your Apple or Android smartphone.
  2. Download the Just Dance 2016 demo for Wii U, Xbox One or PlayStation 4.
  3. Connect the smartphone with the same Wi-Fi network your console is using.
  4. Choose a song to your liking and sing and dance with your smartphone in your right hand.

Just Dance2016 contains over 40 new tracks from artists like Martin Garrix, Mark Ronson Fr. Bruno Mars, Jason Derulo, Calvin Harris Ft. John Newman en Lady Gaga.

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