Free DLC Cauldron of Chaos for Victor Vran

Free DLC Cauldron of Chaos for Victor Vran

Invite all your friends to challenge the Cauldron of Chaos– a free DLC for the action-RPG Victor Vran. Adding daily dungeons to the mix, this DLC aims to challenge even the most seasoned of demon hunters- with a new Cauldron of Chaos being generated every day to put your demon-hunting skills to the ultimate test.

Other new features include:

  • Exciting loot and rewards
  • All new Character Emotes will bring Victor to life
  • A new currency- Demon Souls- can be traded for legendary items, emotes and more with GebaN the Broker found at the end of the new area.

The DLC was released today (Friday 9th) on Steam, and will be included in the DRM-free version of the game in due course. Interested? Check out the preview trailer below!

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