Free-to-play MOBA Blood of Steel coming to Steam next year

Free-to-play MOBA Blood of Steel coming to Steam next year

Today, Evolution studio has announced the free-to-play PvP MOBA game Blood of Steel. It will launch on Steam in early 2020. In Blood of Steel, you command an army and wage war against other players with historical generals in authentic and dynamic locations. This month, a closed beta demo will be released to test server stability, latency and to acquire some important player feedback.

Blood of Steel is a MOBA game set in the Middle Ages where you lead your army to conquer cities, expand your territory and try to rule the world. You will assume the role of legendary commanders from world history like Joan of Arc, Julius Cesar and Alexander the Great. Each will have their own weapons and personalities while leading their army to victory. Multiple types of troops will be available to arrange your army the way you want with archers, cavalry troops, spearmen and more. Terrain will also play a core role in this game to build your strategies.

Battles will be conducted from a third-person view in arena-like maps in games of two teams waging war against each other. Each team can consist out of five, seven or ten players. A trailer has been released to give you a preview of the game’s gameplay. Check it out below.

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