Free update launched for Desperados III

Free update launched for Desperados III

Today, Desperados III has gotten a new free update which includes a new game mode and a ‘level editor light’.

The new game mode ‘Bounty Mode’ has been added to the game, which lets you play as one of the five desperados available in almost every mission of the game. Just like the Baron’s challenges, this game mode will be unlocked for all players when playing through the second chapter of the game. With this, you can either spice things up and crank up the difficulty, or lower the difficulty, it’s your choice.

The newly added ‘level editing cheats’ allow you to create your own mission setups. You can even share these with other Desperados III players! These cheats basically are a light version of a level editor as they allow you to clean the map, place items everywhere, and spawn all types of enemies wherever you want to challenge yourself or others.

More info on these level editing cheats can be seen in the video tutorial you can watch on the special page on the Mimimi Games website. The Bounty mode trailer can be watched below this post.

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