Freedom Games steals the show at Indie Live Expo

Freedom Games steals the show at Indie Live Expo

The past weekend Indie Live Expo took to the stage, a digital conference introducing tons of indie titles and dishing out awards. Publisher Freedom Games was one of the more prominent features, as they had a whole bunch of games to announce. Five new titles we’ll line up down below, as well as two games already released on Steam and other consoles that will be ported to Nintendo Switch soon. The upcoming releases are as follows:

  • Terracotta, an action-puzzle adventure from developer Appnormals Team
  • Monorail Stories, a minimalistic narrative adventure highlighting human relations from developer Stelex Software
  • Mars Base Beta, a 16-bit Martian greenhouse farming sim from developer KZ Games
  • City of Beats, a rhythmic rogue-lite shooter from developer Torched Hill
  • Wolfsbane, a multiplayer social deduction game from developer Workbench Entertainment

The ports are Ancuchard, a civilization restoration action RPG, and Clouzy!, a charming farming exploration game. Both of these will be coming to Nintendo Switch somewhere in 2022.

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