From Fruities To Slots: How The Game Has Changed

From Fruities To Slots: How The Game Has Changed

Over the past couple of decades, technology has revolutionized every part of our lives, including how we play slots, and other popular casino games. Whilst in the last century, we enjoyed playing on mechanical fruit machines, there is now a crazy, expansive selection of online slots to choose from. But in many ways the nostalgia will never die for those well-loved fruities of ages past…

The History Of The Fruit Machine

 The fruit machine, also commonly known as the slot machine, was first developed back in 1963. This first electromechanical slot machine was created by the American manufacturing firm Bally and was called Money Honey. Due to the machine’s popularity, there was a significant increase in the predominance of electronic games, and in 1976 the very first video slot was designed.

However, it was all thanks to machines invented before Money Honey that slots gained their infamous close association with fruit symbols. The trade stimulator, especially popular in the 1880s, gave out fruit-flavored chewing gums as its winnings, and had pictures of all the different flavours as the symbols on the reels.

How Do Mechanical Fruities Compare To Other Video Slots?

There used to be Fruities in every corner of every pub, cafe and casino in the UK, but these days you might have to hunt a bit harder to find one of the now retro machines. Many would say that the days of the old Fruitie are numbered, but others love the old fruit machine still and wouldn’t swap to playing online versions of slot games for the world. However, if you are quite new to the world of slots, you might be wondering how the two compare.

Better technology?

Perhaps surprisingly, in-house casinos tend to have much better technology and special effects. Many in-house slot machines now feature incredible 3D effects, making your experience more immersive and exciting.

A greater selection of games?

Whilst there are certainly a few in-house casinos that could give online casinos a run for their money here, it is generally the online casinos that have a far wider selection of games for customers to play.

More social?

Many online casinos and slot websites do have chat rooms, but many people find talking with other players in person far more enjoyable. 

Convenience and comfort?

Unless you live right next door to a casino, then playing online will always be much more convenient and comfortable.

How To Win More At Slots

Whether you opt to play the old fruities, or you opt you play online, winning at slots isn’t always as straightforward as you might presume it to be. Whilst winning isn’t everything, and you shouldn’t get too carried away, it can play a big part in the enjoyment factor of the game. If you are looking to win big, then these simple, but effective, tips might help you out:

Pick a slot machine with RTP over 96%

An advantage of online slots over the old fruities, is that you are able to take various variables into account before deciding on the specific slot game you want to play. For instance, you can make sure you are playing machines which pay out the most, as (it is important to note) not all machines pay out the same amount. You will need to check out the RTP (Return To Player) to figure out which machines are the most generous. However, do be aware that this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is how much you will personally gain back. It only means that you can potentially win a greater amount. For online games, and sometimes in-house games too, you can usually find out the RTP percentage of a particular slot with a quick search on Google. Normally, RTP sits at around 92-97%. Ideally, you should try to pick a slot with over 96% to play on.

Consider playing high variance slots

High variance slot machines rarely pay out winning combinations. However, when they do pay out these winning combinations, the wins can be massive. By opting to play high variance machines, you run the chance of winning much bigger prizes than if you chose to play low variance slots, which only pay out small to medium wins. However, do take note that high variance slot machines are considered “high risk” for a good reason. Whilst you can win big on these slots, you need to bear in mind that it is highly unlikely to happen right away for you. Consider your strategy carefully and be sure not to overspend.

Check out a website’s licenses

Another thing that certainly wouldn’t apply to the old fruities, is website validity. You definitely won’t win big at slots if you are playing on a dodgy website! In 2005, the Gambling Act was introduced to the UK, which states that all UK gambling websites must have the correct license, which must be clearly displayed. As such, if a website has a license, then it means that it has undergone official checks to ensure that it is fair, trustworthy, and safe to play on. Comparison sites such as best new bingo sites, and online reviews by other players can also help you to clarify whether a website is reliable or not. If you are playing at an in-house casino instead, then also be sure to check out that the venue is reliable and trustworthy.

The slot industry has come a long way in recent years, but there are pros and cons to playing both online slots and the old fruities. Everyone wants different things from a game and will end up with their own personal preference over time, but of course, it is perfectly possible to make the most of both. Whether you play online or in-house, slots is a great game regardless.

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