From Household Robots to Action figures: Devices That Spy on You


Check Point Software Technologies warns against five devices that cybercriminals use to spy on you in your own home. It is estimated that more than 22 billion devices worldwide are connected to a home internet connection and research shows that this number could reach 38.6 billion by 2025. While this offers numerous benefits, it also increases the number of attack points available for hackers and unseen intruders.


Many TVs in recent times, not only have access to the internet but also have integrated webcams and microphones. This way, users can control their device through voice commands or be part of a video chat. It might seem innocent at first glance, but hackers can use these devices to spy on you and your daily routines at any given time of the day. One way of protecting oneself is by covering the camera while the TV is not being used for video chat. By limiting the permissions of your TV’s voice recording you can secure yourself even more.

2. PCs

Most recent computers and laptops, in general, come with built-in cameras and microphones.  Downloading trustworthy anti-spyware software to monitor the activity of those sensors will definitely add another layer to the security of your home. 

3. Smartphones

Smartphones are also a popular target among hackers. This device has become so important for daily use that it’s being used for bank transactions, location tracking, and contact sharing. Checking app permissions per application is strongly recommended. Security tools such as Harmony Mobile could help you track any advanced breaches your smartphone might have.

4. RC Toys and Drones

Many RC toys such as drones, robots, and other remote-controlled toys and game consoles are also becoming more and more popular. Many have access to the internet or create a wifi-based hotspot for FPV view that can be used to place children in danger thus breaching child privacy. Some toys are even banned in some EU-states as these have been reported for privacy breaches where sensitive data can be stolen and used as blackmail.

5. Household Appliances

Many household appliances have the ability to work when we are not at home. In 2019, another popular kitchen robot sold at Lidl supermarkets was found to have a built-in microphone that was recording shoppers’ conversations. That fact makes these types of devices interesting for cybercriminals.

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