Fruit Mountain – Review
Follow Genre: Casual
Developer: BeXide Inc.
Publisher: BeXide Inc.
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Fruit Mountain – Review

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On our site, we try to give as much exposure to indie titles as we do to triple-A titles, and this way of covering games has been going strong for over a decade now. We have seen many smaller but interesting indie games that get a full in-depth review of their own, but sometimes we have to approach things a bit differently. This is the case for Fruit Mountain, a very cutesy but small indie title that simply doesn’t have enough content for a very long review. That being said, we still wanted to share our views on this tiny addictive game with you.

Fruit Mountain has a very simple core concept, as you simply throw different types of fruit onto a small food display stand for your next painting. You’ll have to make sure no fruit falls off, as that would mean game over. If you throw two identical types of fruit against each other, they will merge into a bigger piece of fruit. Doing so will create more room on the tray again, allowing you to keep combining pieces of fruit. The more you combine and place on the tray, the more points you’ll score. Eventually, you’ll be able to check how well you’ve done, and the game keeps track of your personal records. You can also compare your score with others on the online leaderboards. That’s basically it. There are currently two modes to choose from, namely a timed mode and a free-play mode where there’s no time limit. The mechanics are extremely straightforward, and so are the controls. You’ll move left or right to position yourself, and then you can choose your angle before you throw. The game supports both keyboard and controller controls.

The overall presentation is cute, with so-called Art-chan starring as the painter who is trying to paint an impressive composition. The graphics are colorful and this is paired with an upbeat soundtrack. The soundtrack and SFX are extremely limited, however.


Fruit Mountain is a quirky little title that is perfect to play occasionally in between bigger releases. The overall presentation is cute, and the simple yet entertaining gameplay makes it accessible for all ages and all types of gamers. We feel the game should be offered at a slightly lower price, as it’s basically just a simple score-beater. Even so, if you’re into these types of games, we can easily see you sink many hours into this one.

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Fruit Mountain - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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