Futuristic rogue-lite FPS PositronX blasts its way out of Early Access on October 29th

Futuristic rogue-lite FPS PositronX blasts its way out of Early Access on October 29th

PositronX leaves Early Access fully loaded with some added extras:

  • A new stage will be added at launch in addition to the current three stages.
  • Three new characters will join the current roster:
    • Quark – a silent but deadly assassin
    • Neutron – a devastating damage dealer
    • Graviton – a master of Time 
  • The arsenal at your disposal is also increasing with two new weapons to unload on your opponents:
    • the Core gun
    • the Time gun 

All of this will be needed and more when finally coming face to face with the game’s big final boss – The Machina.

In PositronX, rooms are algorithmically generated from a pool of predefined constructs for every playthrough and death here is permanent! This results in no environmental recall to assist you since players will tackle a brand new industrial dungeon every time. However, with each fall, you rise again stronger with hordes of new loot and implants at your disposal. These implants bestow abilities that will allow players to manipulate the firefight into their favor such as altering time and space, summoning minions to help you, shrinking in size, and creating decoys among others. On top of being able to wall run to outwit their opponents, players can slow down, stop or rewind time itself, soar above their enemies, use telekinesis to stop bullets inflight before flinging them back at your adversaries, and even teleport across vast spaces in an instant. 

Choose between seven different playable characters with their own unique abilities and loadout with a cache of weapons, all upgradable, as you make your way through every stage with deadly force. PositronX’s movement mechanics and retro industrial aesthetic complement the perfect combination of ’90s shooter gameplay with a rogue-lite design to form a highly combative, addictively re-playable experience.

Blast the Release Date trailer right down here:

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“Keep your friends close, but your memes even closer”.

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