FWsim: Fireworks Display Simulator – Soon in Early Access!

FWsim: Fireworks Display Simulator – Soon in Early Access!

The sandbox creative tool FWsim: Fireworks Display Simulator will be released for PC through the Steam Early Access program on February 16th! FWsim was first released in 2010 as a fireworks display planning software, aimed at pyrotechnic professionals and fireworks enthusiasts. After 10 years of success and more than 30,000 shows designed, FWsim will finally come to Steam Early Access, for everyone to try. This simulator has been developed and published by Lukas Trötzmüller.

Create your own fireworks displays like a pro with an intuitive creative sandbox tool, with over 480 fireworks effects and total freedom to express your creativity. Shoot your displays on iconic real-world landmarks or import your own 3D environments. Line up every crack and explosion with your favorite music. And share your creations with your friends – as a high-quality video in 4K resolution, compatible with YouTube and social media!

FWsim is realistic and deep enough to satisfy the needs of a fireworks pro, but intuitive and easy-to-use so everyone can enjoy it as a purely creative tool. This simulator will gradually evolve into a sandbox game for players to enjoy the creativity, imagination, freedom and magic of designing their own fireworks displays. As it is right now, FWsim is a fully-functioning tool with flawless performance and all its current features perfectly implemented. Its mid- and long-term goals are to build upon that, adding even more features and effects, improving the graphics, and developing more as a sandbox game with new mechanics to widen the experience. The feedback of the community during this Early Access period will be vital to guide development and make FWsim the best it can possibly be – so everyone can get the unique experience of being a pyrotechnician!

For more information, visit the FWsim Steam page and the official website of FWsim!

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